Dean Amiott

Dean has over 15 years experience as a Personal Trainer and during this time has developed an extensive range of knowledge and skills. He has helped improve the fitness and conditioning of clients from all walks of life and fitness levels from professionals and corporates, to students, and high level athletes. Dean's dedication to his clients goals has resulted in an average of 2000 sessions per year and 90% client retention rate.

"My experience enables me to understand and empathise."


Dean has designed and marketed a Personal Training Business Package for new trainers entering the industry. He is also currently producing a Fitness DVD. During his career he has competed in Boxing at both Amateur and Professional levels, including representing Australia. Dean has dedicated the past 25 years of his life to the Health and Fitness industry. This has gained him an immeasurable range of personal experience, to which he applies daily in his teaching methods to his clients.


Before National Fitness Conditioning Dean received a Culinary Arts University Degree and has worked as a 5 Star Chef at leading hotels around the world. This provided him with a solid foundation in Nutrition, Food Science, and Preparation. His knowledge and skills in nutrition perfectly compliments his expertise as a personal trainer. This clearly gives him a leading edge over other personal trainers who can only claim to provide you with just a workout. With nutrition often being a major limiting factor in a persons ability to achieve their fitness goals, Dean is highly qualified in guiding, educating, and providing his clients with the tools they need to improve their body and quality of life.

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