PT Business Package

A collection of document templates designed to streamline your personal training business. These will transform a new or existing business from amateur to professional.

Our templates will transform your personal training business!

Who is it for?

The PT Business Package was developed and created specifically for independent Personal Training consultants. It is a collection of spreadsheet Templates which cover the full range of business segments from client delivery to back-end operations. The PT Business Templates were designed with over 10 years of Personal Training experience, and have evolved over that time through a process of trial and error.

The PT Business Package comprises of 23 master templates, designed to be instantly and smoothly integrated into an existing Personal Training business or as an ideal way to kick-off a new business. This enables a consultant to radically transform their business from an amateur, disorganized, and complex collection of processes, to a streamlined, efficient, and professional operation.

Your new or existing clients will instantly be impressed by your high level of professionalism. This will give the consultant more time to spend on research and marketing, to boost their client base, and assist in retaining their existing clients.

Why do I need it?

Every PT Business Template serves a particular business function in the day-to-day role of a Personal Trainer. The full set of PT Business Templates will enable you to maximize every aspect of your business. You'll be amazed at the simple yet powerful layouts, ease of use, and professional function. It only takes approximately 30 minutes to enter a full weeks worth of data. The information and results obtained from their application will save you many more hours of effort, and give you substantially more control over the management of your fitness business affairs.

The PT Business Package will help the fitness consultant from continually re-inventing the wheel, and making the same kind of mistakes in business which often lead to failure. Taking control of your fitness business will successfully enable you to manage and enjoy your work as opposed to becoming a slave to your business and resenting the work.

What is a template?

The PT Business Templates are grouped into four separate categories, each containing a set number of individual templates with a specific function:

  • Core (6)
  • Administration (6)
  • Nutrition (9)
  • Exercise (3)

The Core templates are the most important group, which assist in establishing your information network. These are completed at the beginning of each client instance, to support your client's requirements and maintain full control of your fitness business. The table below outlines each template group and includes a brief description of each template.

Core Templates Description
Business Tracking Created and engineered to track, assess and control your Personal Training business. You'll observe on this spreadsheet 'live' statistics generated from input of weekly figures such as booked session, paid sessions, actual sessions, complimentary sessions, cancellations, and weekly earnings and takings, etc. Featured are graphs and charts that reflect your business history – past and present. This gives you a clear understanding of your current state of affairs; providing essential information to ensure your business is growing and prospering.
Client Contact Covers client's personal and medical details, training objectives, and liability protection waiver.
Client Medical Complete client medical history with physician and client consent.
Fitness Movement & Analysis Comprehensive overview allowing you to evaluate your client's strengths and weaknesses in regards to all facets of their training in a single session!
Client Training Breakdown Quick reference guide to your client's training breakdown; including prior injuries, necessary training methods to meet their fitness goals, and other important notes.
Fitness Appraisal & Record Record your client's progress; by measuring weight, skin folds, girth measurements and blood pressure.
Administration Templates Description
Price Structure & Policies Features your consulting costs including packages, policies, and procedures.
Weekly Client Timetable 7 Day Timetable which tracks client packages, monies owed and weekly statistics for updating business tracking sheet.
Consultants Profile "What to expect from me..." Gives your clients a better understanding of you - your background, what you represent, and areas of expertise. Plus, it sets the scene for what's to come.
Heart-Rate Cross-reference chart informing approximate desired heart-rate during training, based on age and intensity level in general use.
Letterhead & Cover Pages General use and display cover page for your folder and cover page for new client information packs.
Nutrition Templates Description
7-Day Eating Assessment Provides comprehensive understanding of your client's eating habits, enabling you to advice appropriately.
Nutritional Handout 6 Page handout stating fundamentals of nutrition, broken down into simple terms for any client to understand.
Supplement Facts Overview and suggestions of various supplements, benefits, and approximate costs.
Client Eating Plan Guidelines Guide enabling you to generate a comprehensive 7-day Eating Plan for any client needs.
Muscle Mass for Hard Gainers Guide for men who find it difficult to gain body weight and muscle mass.
Lean Muscle Gain Guide for men who already have a foundation of muscle and want increase in muscle, while remaining relatively lean.
Weight Loss and Toning Guide for men and women wanting to tone muscles and decrease body fat.
Weight Loss and Sculpting Ideal for active women wanting to improve their physique and decrease body fat.
Weight Loss Designed especially for women wanting to lose body fat and dislike consuming large quantities of food.
Exercise Templates Description
Resistance Workout Cards Details exercise list specifically for strength/weight training.
Circuit Workout Card Designed for circuit training, containing a completed example.
Fitness Challenges Challenge suggestions for testing clients through resistance, cardiovascular, and endurance. Table featured to monitor client progression.

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